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Fresh Local Sausages



Our family’s signature secret recipes for Italian pork sausages were created and hand crafted over 100 years ago, and it all started with this signature staple, our traditional Sweet Pork Italian Sausage. For over a century, we have taken pride in providing our customers with the absolute best, top tier quality in freshness when manufacturing all of our products. We guarantee the consumer that we will always abide by three standards when making our exquisite Italian Sausage and meat products. The first standard is to only use locally sourced U.S.D.A inspected, Grade A, fine-trimmed cuts of pork. The second standard is to use wholesome, farm to table, all- natural ingredients and spices. And thirdly, our manufactured meat products or Italian Sausages contain no preservatives, no fillers, and absolutely no GMO’S. Each package of our exemplary Sweet Italian Sausage meets these mandatory standards, and is simply divine. The experience will speak for itself, and will bring a taste that will create memories. Have your choice or pick in receiving your package of Italian Sausage in (Link Style), (Rope Style), (Bulk Meat), & (Pizza Style)! *Minimum order is 5lbs. Maximum order 100lbs*

Sweet Italian Sausage
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