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About Lipari's Sausage,
NJ's Finest All-Natural Sausages

When it comes to making fine quality meat products, the Lipari Family is proud to be called "Old Fashioned". We are dedicated to hard work, integrity, and excellent quality. We proudly serve the region with quality meats that bring family and friends together. As a family-owned business, we are passionate about manufacturing quality sausage products.

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Lipari Sausage is family-owned and operated with a passion for introducing customers to their authentic Italian sausage products. Founded by Joseph Lipari, his daughter and the rest of the family continue the legacy of manufacturing delicious, quality meats. The current president is his daughter, Marilynn Lipari Manganella, and her husband, Joseph Manganella, manages the plant. Several of the Lipari grandchildren are overseeing and learning the process to continue the family business of manufacturing excellent sausage products. 

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